THIS Guy Discovers a Strange Hidden Cave. But What He Finds Inside Left Him STUNNED!

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Since the beginning of humankind we have always been drawn to caves.Caves have given humanity shelter for thousands of years. From stunning Mammoth Cave National Park In Kentucky, USA to the Blue Grotto on The Capri Island on the southern tip of Italy. These magical places are always fascinating and a lot of the times they have very distinct and interesting histories.

This brings us to today’s story featuring a man named Michael Scott (not from the show the office lol) who is a pro-photographer capturing amazing picture from all around the world. One morning he was tipped off by a local that there is allegedly a magical cave towards the old English farmhouse.

Michael never one to pass up an adventure or potential photo shoot was intrigued. So intrigued that he prepped for his trip for this mysterious caves. He arrived in the area, when some people living locally told him, the best way to find the caves, is to find the rabbits, they always congregate at the cave.

So he took their advice and began exploring the landscape trying to spot the place which apparently is the evening meeting place for the forest dwelling bunnies. Micheal searched and searched, seconds into minutes, minutes into hours when he accidentally stumbled on what looked like the entrance to the cave of wonder he had heard so much about.

The crevice where the cave opening began was quite small, but he just had a gut feeling that something very special awaited him inside the megalith rock structure. He slowly went through the entrance and then found himself in a world he couldn’t of even imagined in his wildest dreams. His gut was right, as he looked there were many pathways, differently levels, rooms and layers. He had hit a gold mine as his pictures were going to be totally awesome!

The cave was almost like an onion, every time you got through one layer/chamber it would open up to another and another and another, this cave was big, really big! Not only were they huge, but it seemed like somebody or many people put a lot of time into carving out certain cave rooms, with intricate patterns, beautiful shapes molded by masters of their craft.

One thing Michael did notice was that it seemed like they had been abandoned for 100’s maybe even 1000’s of years. Were they prehistoric? Probably not due to the technical skill displayed in these mysterious yet magical cave rooms. Could they have possibly been Medieval? This seemed probably more likely because the style and look of the interior did certainly have a Medieval vibe to it.

Watch the video below to see the full story and beautiful shots of the incredible cave:

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