This Guy Drops A Tennis Ball Inside His Pool At Night. When He Removes It In The Morning Brilliant!

There is nothing like being able to use objects, particularly those that can’t be recycled, for other practical uses that make life easier!  The TENNIS BALL is one such object that offers many possibilities for REPURPOSING that will save you money, and remedy everyday problems.

Instead of using dryer sheets, which are chemically laden, for REMOVING STATIC from your clothing, try a tennis ball.  Just wrap it in some aluminum foil and throw it in with your wet clothes; static-free clothes that are eco-friendly!  A brand new DRY TENNIS BALL is the perfect solution for removing BLACK SCUFF MARKS on floor tile; just cut an X into the ball and stick it on a broom stick, and voila…those black ugly marks are gone.

When you pull into your garage, it’s often difficult to know how far to pull in.  HANGING A TENNIS BALL so that it dangles, will allow you to know when to stop, as it gently touches your windshield.  Last but not least, as you will see in the  VIDEO you are about to watch BELOW, tennis balls are a great way to keep a BACKYARD POOL or HOT TUB CLEAN!

It’s an amazing hack to make the stress of cleaning so much easier..

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