This Guy Was Hiking In The Woods And Decided To Touch This Plant.The Result Has Him Screaming!

Strange things are happening in the Carolina woods!  Unexplainable forces are working their dark magic to manipulate and control life.  Video evidence documenting an eerie encounter with a creepy plant has been found and now you too can witness the freaky phenomenon. The spooky clip delves straight into the action, showing a plant bizarrely moving rapidly from side to side.

There is no clear reason as to why this particular plant is swaying.  Nothing nearby is showing signs of movement, the surrounding atmosphere is calm, and no wind can be detected.  It must be the work of unseen forces.  A man’s voice can be heard in the background proclaiming the freakishness of the situation.  He appears to find humor and wonderment in his chance encounter with the flora specimen.

Scientists have examined similar natural events where plants appear to sway on their own.  Results were reported in a 2001 American Journal of Botany study titled “Oscillation frequencies of tapered plant stems.”  It turns out that extremely weak winds amplify oscillations in the plant, thus making it look as if its moving for no reason.

These winds are undetectable by humans yet are enough force to cause the plant to sway to and fro on their long, skinny, tapered stems.  Scientists even analyzed the phenomenon with a complex equation that involved a lot of complicated jargon and information.  But others have posited that aliens, dark magic or ghosts are truly what is behind it.  What do you think?  Check out the video, analyze it, and make your own conclusion!

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