VIDEO: He Pours Rice Onto This Black Table. But When The Rod Touches The Side MESMERIZING

You are about to watch a demonstration unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen before. A young man exhibits a kind of experiment in the video below, that has gone viral on YouTube, and I can see why.  He has a black metal square table, ( the size of a card table), upon which he randomly spills a cup of raw couscous (a Mediterranean grain somewhat like rice).

I wondered what in the world he was up to, when he takes out what looks like a cello bow, (which is made of horse hair and wood), and rubs the horsehair part of the bow along the edge of the black metal table.  The sound it makes at first has a slightly low tone, as he pulls it down the edge the random mess of couscous forms the most unbelievable geometric pattern!

He then messes up the couscous, so it is once again randomly spread around the black square, and then takes his bow and draws it down another part of the edge of the table.

This time the tone produced is higher pitched, and right before your eyes you will see the couscous move into a completely different pattern!  Known as the “Chladni Phenomenon”, he keeps drawing his bow at different parts of the edge of the table and each tone produces a different geometric pattern!

You will be nothing short of amazed at what you see in this footage, during which he explains how this “magic” occurs.

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