He Puts A Coffee Filter Over This Mug For 24 Hours. When He Removes It I’m DROOLING!

Here’s a great one for all you DIY foodies out there, who would like to make something that a lot of expensive, “fancy shmanzy” restaurants out there, charge a lot for.  The more pedestrian term for Creme Fraiche is sour cream.  Technically, this might be the case, but the taste of real creme fraiche is a long way from the sour cream you buy in the supermarket.

The guy in the video has a really relaxing voice to listen to as he gives us the simple step-by-step instructions for making this delectable treat.  If you’re like me, you like finding do-it yourself ways to make items that you rarely get to enjoy at home.  With a mason jar, real buttermilk and a coffee filter you will learn how to make this slightly nutty tasting super creamy delicacy.

I hope the video encourages you to try this at home, and share it with your foody friends who like to learn new ways to make things on their own.  This is an absolutely delicious tasty treat. Enjoy, Bon Appetit and Good Luck impressing your friends and family!

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