Guy Started To Remove Bricks From THIS Wall. That Is When He Reveals a Giant Hidden Unexpected Surprise!

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No one wants animals, bugs, or any sort of creature living in the walls of their home.  For one family living in Germantown, Tennessee, that was their living nightmare. It all started the September prior when the family first heard strange noises that seemed to emanate from the walls.  Thinking it was just a mouse or something, they ignored it, assuming it would go away.  

Rather than disappear, the weird noises only got louder and worse with time.  Months passed and the family decided to finally get to the bottom of the endless noise.  They first tried a bug bomb and fumigated the kitchen, but that failed. Next they tried a professional exterminator, but they didn’t have all the tools or skills necessary for the job that lay before them.  Instead they recommended the one man they knew who could save the day.

That’s when the family called in David Glover, aka the self-described “Bartlett Bee Whisperer.”  He went to the family home and got straight to work by taking a thermal scan of the house’s exterior walls to see what he could find.  That revealed where the insects he was seeking were located and the next step was to break open the wall. After removing the first brick, he saw the telltale signs of honey bees and was able to confirm to the homeowner that they had a bee infestation.

Brick by brick David dismantled the wall and what he found hidden away behind it was like nothing he had ever seen before.  Sitting there in front of him was the largest honeycomb he had ever seen in his whole life! The massive hive measured about 3 feet wide by 5 feet tall and contained 13 capped queen cells, that’s 13 future queen bees, plus an estimated 35,000 honey bees.  

With the wall opened, David could begin to remove the hive and after four hours he had mostly completed that part.  Rather than exterminate the bees forever, he simply removed and relocated both them and their hive to a more suitable location.  After cleaning up the mess they had made over the course of the last 2 years they’d been living in the wall, David built it back up.  Before he sealed it off for good, he placed a small box inside the hole. This was to catch any stray worker bees who may have been out and about or that flew off amid all the commotion.  That way, when they eventually returned, he could re-unite them with their colony.

In the end, the honey bees all got re-homed with a number of local honey farms and beekeepers who were more than happy to have them.  Colony collapse is a growing problem among honey bees and so the influx of new bees only helps to bolster their numbers and helps them thrive.

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