This Guy Takes A Reflective Sun Shade And Puts It On A Piece Of His Shoe For a Genius Reason!

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Even though a lot of the United States winter is over, chilly days are still here, and there will no doubt be plenty of really cold days ahead. The one thing that will always make you suffer from the cold, regardless of how well protected the rest of your body is, are cold feet!

I buy warm winter boots, and those “smart socks” that are supposed to really insure warmth. If I’m outside for a prolonged period of time, I’ve even tried foot warmers that last for a while. However, I always end up with that awful feeling of my toes going numb, and then there is no getting rid of the chill.

The foot warmers require replacement, since they only work once, so when I saw this amazing heat insulating trick online I had to try it.┬áIn the video you are about to watch below, the IntenseAngler YouTube channel shows you how to make your own insulating shoe insert, that can be used over and over…and it actually works fantastically!

All you need to pick up is one of those reflective sun shields that people use on their car windows. He shows you how to cut the material for your winter shoes or boots; this material not only insulates from the cold but reflects body heat back to your feet.

The result is an amazing remedy for freezing cold feet and toes!

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