Guy Takes This Weird Slime And Pushes It Into His Car Vent. The Reason Is Brilliant!

Look down at your keyboard.  Are there bits and pieces of dirt and dust stuck in between and around the keys?  The numerous tiny cracks and hard to reach places on a keyboard are notoriously difficult to clean.  Other similar areas include vents and the tight crevices and grooves in car interiors.  These are areas where dirt, dust, and grime particles gather and happen to be the most pain in the butt places to clean.  If you’ve ever tried in vain to tidy up those spots then this video is for you.

It shows a product called Cyber Clean, which is a silly-putty like compound that can be pressed into tight, narrow,, and hard to reach places.  It forms on and into the vent, picking up any dirt particles it comes into contact with.  Simply peel off to remove and if you want to use it again just knead it so any stuck on dirt gets enfolded into it.

To make your own cleaning slime at home follow the recipe below and hopefully make your life a little easier in the process.  In a bowl mix together ½ cup of liquid starch, 14 ounces of clear or white Elmer’s glue, and ¼ cup of water.  Sta-Flo liquid starch works best for this and, if you want, you can add food coloring to make the slime stand out more.

It also helps mask the dirt particles you pick up after using it.  This recipe is safe for use with electronics and can even be used as a child’s toy, with proper supervision.  Make your own today and add a little fun to the same old boring cleaning routine.

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