Are Your Hands and Feet Always Cold? THIS Is What It Means and Why!

Do you complain that your hands and feet are always cold, while others don’t seem to have that problem?  You may have been told that this is due to poor circulation, but contrary to popular thought, this is usually not the case!

Exposure to cold, for us “warm-blooded” humans, causes us to try to keep our internal body temperature normal, and the body does this by constricting small blood vessels.  It happens that the location of these small vessels are just under the surface of our hands and feet, which causes less blood to flow there, so that the deeper part of our body stays warm.

Your core stays warm while your extremities get colder faster.  In actuality, some people just experience the cold in their extremities moreso than others, but nothing may actually be wrong with your circulation.  There are some exceptions, that may have to do with nerve damage, or in Reynaud’s disease.  As with all issues, if you are concerned, go get checked out by your doctor.

I found the video you are about to watch below, really interesting and informative, about why some people seem to complain about being “always freezing” or “chronically boiling hot”.  Often married people argue about room temperature, because men tend to be hotter than women.

However, as you will hear, although weight and size, gender, diet, age, sleep patterns, lifestyle and how happy you are in your environment can influence warmth perception, there is something else going on here.

As “D News” explains in the upcoming footage, though all humans are warm-blooded…capable of regulating our internal body temperature regardless of the temperature of our environment, as individuals we vary widely on how hot or cold we feel. The key factor in temperature regulation begins in the BRAIN, and this is controlled by HORMONES.

Their discussion of of this crazy phenomenon goes into detail about gender differences, age, lifestyle, the effect of estrogen, your BMI and many other factors.  You may be surprised to hear of a study which found a link between loneliness and your perception of cold!  If your hands and feet are always cold, some lifestyle changes in becoming more active, are suggested.

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