I Was Nervous When I Saw This Horse On His Back But When He Starts Farting I Can’t Stop Laughing!

This horse is not farting, it is simply blowing kisses with it’s butt!! All jokes aside, this is Archy, a rescue horse who resides in Blossom Valley at the Rocking Horse Ranch in El Cajon California. In the video he is seen rolling around on the ground in pure bliss as he breaks wind and snorts in joy. He gets up for a moment and shakes the dirt off before flopping back onto the ground. He rolls around more in the dust and expels even more gas out.

Horses are herbivores and the bacteria in their digestive system breaks down cellulose plant fibers which in turn give off gas. While it is not clear why or if he needs to roll around to fart, it surely must help him get them loose and thus feel relieved. In the video a woman makes a comment as to how uncomfortable all that trapped air must be. Probably very uncomfortable.

Archy also looks adorable doing it, and how often can you say an animal looks cute farting? Thanks to the efforts and work of the Rocking Horse Ranch, http://www.rockinghorseranch.org/ Archy now has a second lease on life. He seems to be taking full advantage of it and even has this viral video to his name.

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