Apparently If You Tap These Spots 1x a Day For a Week THIS Is What Happens To Your Body!

Human beings share many traits and embody unique emotional characteristics that are borne out of unique experiences.  As such, every person has an energy about them that is unique from every other individual.  Therefore the success of different therapies has differing effectiveness from person to person. The particular therapy discussed in the video below is known as EFT, or emotional freedom tapping.

As in acupuncture, acupressure can relieve both physiological and emotional pain.  “Tapping” is a touching acupressure (without needles) that is part of ancient Chinese medicine; it pinpoints blocked energy. As a result of traumatic events in our lives, negative energy gets stored at different points in our body, that get released or healed through this tapping form of acupressure.

EMT has been shown to be successful in alleviating anxiety, and there is now a theory proposed by Jessica Ortner, that tapping your fingers in different places can help with weight loss.  In her book, “Tapping for Weight Loss” she explains how tapping can recondition the negative links between mind and body.  Reconditioning the brain to think calm thoughts while doing EMT, reduces the anxiety that signals physiological food cravings that causes ’emotional overeating’.

Dr. Priscilla Kerr, of Winnipeg, uses acupuncture for alleviating anxiety that leads to weight gain. She sees tapping as a viable extension of this therapy.  This is done by reducing levels of energy in different parts of the body, so that patients are enabled to eat more mindfully.

The tapping technique of EFT uses the acu-points to remove the anxiety associated with overeating.  These nine points of the tapping sequence are addressed in Ortner’s video that you are about to watch.  The beauty of this therapy is that once learned, people can do this on their own.

By going through the tapping sequence that goes from the side of the hand to the top of the head and pairing that with positive affirmations, EFT can be a very useful adjunct for losing weight.  This obviously needs to be combined with healthy eating; it is not a license to eat junk, but rather a tool in reducing such cravings.  Watch the video for a more in depth illustration and explanation of this technique.

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