Hidden Security Camera Caught This Cat Rescuing A Little Child From The Babysitter!

image via – youtube.com

Over the years several pets have been caught on video trying to protect their family’s young children from potential harm. Most often the animals defending these children happen to be dogs. Such behavior is more instinctual and in line with a dog’s nature and their (often) larger sizes serve well to deter any attackers.

However, sometimes it is the family cat who comes to the rescue. Just last year a video went viral of a cat springing into action to help a small boy who was being attacked by a neighbor’s dog that had gotten loose and bit him. In this video, the family cat hears a commotion and runs downstairs to check it out.

In the moments preceding the cat’s arrival on the scene a woman, thought to be either a babysitter, nanny or mom, is bouncing a ball back and forth with a young boy. When the child throws the ball back at her it hits a glass cup on the coffee table causing it to fall and break.

Upstairs, the black and white cat had been lounging around and was likely startled by the sudden sound of glass breaking. The kitty jumps off his comfy seat and heads over to investigate the scene, whereupon he sees the woman starting to pick up the shards and gently push the child away from them.

The startled child’s crying, woman’s stress, and broken glass are all what the cat see’s and senses. At this point the kitty’s protection instinct kicks in and he starts to attack the woman, batting and pushing her away from the boy. The video clearly shows the cat only going after the woman and never the little boy.

While the child was likely not in any danger from the woman, the cat assumed that he was and reacted without hesitation. The protective feline likely heard the child crying and decided to defend him since he was the one defenseless person in the room. The cat seems to have judged the woman a threat and thus tried to keep her away from the boy.

If in the future the child is ever in real danger, it is reassuring to know that this cat will try hard to protect him.

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