Can You Find The Hidden Cell Phone? Most People Can’t.

At first glance nothing about the photograph below of a table sitting on a rug sticks out. The white end table is basic and plain, whereas the black and white floral patterned carpet is detailed and kind of busy. They go together well but there’s nothing all that exciting or different about the picture.

However, as the age-old saying goes, looks can be deceiving! There is actually a very common object hidden somewhere in this photo. Look closely and see if you can spot the cell phone. It’s there right in front of your eyes, hiding in plain sight. Can you spot it!?

This picture has been making the rounds online because it has managed to stump so many people all over the world. In fact, the majority of people who attempt to find the mobile phone simply end up staring at the image in vain. They just cannot detect where it is because it blends in so smoothly with the background!

Don’t worry if it takes you longer than you ever expected to find it, or can’t detect it at all. In a way, this image search is similar to when you misplace something and go crazy looking all around for it, just to find out that the whole entire time it was right in front of your face! Here’s a hint if you need one: the cell phone is near the right table leg.

Check it out and look to see whether or not you’re able to spot the cell phone. Good luck!

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