She Confronts This Guilty Pup About A Missing Sandwich. But Then He Reveals It With An Unexpected Surprise!

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Everyone reacts differently when they get caught red handed doing something that they know is wrong. Some people stop whatever they were doing, own up to their guilt and apologize for any wrongdoing, while others just try to disappear and avoid any and all conflict.

A lot of the time we deny that we’re doing anything bad, regardless of how obviously caught we may be. When that happens, it helps to hide all the incriminating evidence of the misdeeds and to keep your mouth shut.

That’s exactly what one dog did when his owner noticed her sandwich was missing after she briefly stepped out of the room. The only suspect she had was her dog, Saben, who was sitting looking innocent and yet guilty all at once on the couch. She asked him “what happened to my sandwich” to which he responded by turning his head to avoid her eyes.

That’s when she noticed that he had a suspicious looking lump bulging around his mouth area and she deduced that he’d hidden her sandwich in his mouth! Poor Saben must have been caught in the act before he could even swallow the tasty treat and thought he’d be able to hold it there for later.

As hard as he appears to have tried, the dry bread and uncomfortable feeling of a mouthful of food was too much for him to bear. Saben ended up gracefully spitting out the sandwich, which fell from his mouth to the edge of the sofa to the floor.

By doing that he killed two birds with one stone, he gave the sandwich back to his owner and relieved himself of the guilt of his crime. His owner thankfully appears to have a great sense of humor about the whole situation and hopefully Saben learned a lesson from all of this!

The next time you get caught red handed and are about to get an earful, try keeping your mouth shut no matter what. It helps to avoid an escalation in the drama and your words can’t be used against you if you say nothing. Try to look as innocent as can be and a little groveling action, in terms of slight bodily movements, can also help.

However, make sure your mouth isn’t stuffed full of food because as Saben has taught us, it will all come spilling out!

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