Human Asks Giant Dog If He Wants Green Beans For Dinner. He Responds With a Hilarious Temper Tantrum

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Some dogs seems to always be hungry and no matter how many treats they finagle out of their owners, or food they eat for dinner, they still want more! This seems to be a widely shared attribute among many of our beloved animal companions whose appetites have no limits.

At the same time, while most of these dogs will eat whatever you put in front of them, they do have certain limitations as to what they will scarf down. For example, if their owner tries to sneak in some healthy mix-ins to their kibble, like fresh veggies or a new reduced-calorie type of food, they won’t eat it! However, every dog has his or her own preferences and what some turn their noses at, others happily chow down on.

Such is the case for the beautiful dog in this clip. His name is Avalanche and he loves eating, it’s safe to say that dinner time is probably his favorite time of day. When his mom asks him if he wants to eat supper he enthusiastically responds in such a way that can only be interpreted as “Yes please!!”

Keeping the big fluffy six year old Alaskan Malamute healthy and in shape means supplementing his meals with something most dogs would be hesitant to eat; green beans. But Avalanche is not a picky eater and when his mom asks him if he wants some green beans with his meal he really goes off.

The mention of the healthy vegetable gets him talking and he moans and chatters away adorably in the short sweet clip. He is one intelligent dog who is unbelievably furry. He’s already a large dog to begin with but his fur makes him appear giant! I bet all those green beans definitely help to keep his skin and fur coat in top condition.

Check out the big fluffy dog’s adorable fit and don’t forget to pass this clip on, it’ll help spread some cheer!

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