His Human Asks This Pup If He Wants To Go To The Park. His Response Is Hysterical!

This dog has a hilarious reaction when his people parents ask him if he wants to go to the park. Sitting in the backseat, he almost loses it when he hears the word “park”, and he expresses himself eloquently with noises I have never heard come from a dog’s mouth!

He sounds more like he is telling a story than simply barking. Maybe he is speaking in full sentences, and we just can’t understand him? He gets his general point across, certainly, but what is he really saying?

The park? THE PARK?! Of course I want, to go to the park, it’s the only thing I have been thinking about ever since you grabbed my leash and took me to the car. Then we were driving down the road and all I could think was, “There might be squirrels in the park!”

I could catch a squirrel this time. Maybe this will be the time I actually catch one! And there will be other dogs, too. And so many smells, oh the smells! I can’t even contain my excitement, I’m slurring my words a bit. Why do you keep asking if I want to go, of course I want to go! Let’s just get there already, less talk, more park!

And when we get there, will you throw the ball for me? I love when you throw the ball. I go pick it up and bring it back to you, which seems to make you happy, and then you throw it again! Which makes me happy. I could play fetch all day long, if only your arm and attention span could keep up.

Oh well, at least there will be squirrels! Please, let there be squirrels, and maybe a chipmunk or two. Oh and pigeons! I just hope there are no crows, those sneaky bastards. I hate crows. Always lurking and playing tricks on me. Tell us what you think!

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