Husky Spent His Whole Life Neglected and Chained. Now Watch When He Runs Free For The First Time.

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Being ENSLAVED and unable to move by being CHAINED is anyone’s worst nightmare.  The freedom to move and enjoy nature and choice, is no different for animals than it is for human beings.  It is beyond my comprehension that human beings have the capacity to perpetrate unspeakable cruelty to each other and to the animal kingdom.

This is the story of Biscuit, a beautiful Husky, who was found chained next to his dead brother who froze to death due to neglect.  Thankfully, Biscuit was found before his life came to such a tragic ending.  Dogs who have been chained their whole lives can have tremendous difficulty adjusting to freedom.  Building trust with humans comes slowly, and must be done gradually.

Biscuit was rescued from a piece of property owned by the professional football player Michael Vick, who would fight the dogs to make money.  Thankfully, his horrendous actions were discovered and stopped, and this open natural space is now being put to good use.  Rehabilitation by “Good Newz Rehab for Chained and Penned Dogs”, is helping dogs like Biscuit to learn to trust again, be socialized, and live out their lives in freedom.  The VIDEO you are about to watch below shows the moment that Biscuit was unchained and able to run free, experiencing the earth and grass under his feet for the first time.  Watching him romp around experiencing liberation is breathtaking and beautiful to behold.

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