He Blows Hot Air On His Hummingbird Feeder With A Hair Dryer. Now Watch How The Bird Reacts..

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Hummingbirds are one of mother nature’s coolest creations and they hold quite a few interesting records in the bird world. Some species are among the smallest birds on earth, which explains why they also have the smallest nests and lay the smallest eggs.

Not only that, they also beat their wings the fastest, some up to 90 times per second! They also hold the title of eating the largest amount of food, since many need to consume at least half their body weight in food every single day in order to stay active and healthy. In turn, they have the highest known metabolic rate in the entire animal kingdom.

Plus, they have the ability to fly backwards, can change direction on a dime, and are lightning quick. All these traits and their beautiful, glittering feathers are what makes hummingbirds absolutely mesmerizing to watch. By their nature, they are very inquisitive, and if you put up a feeder they’ll be drawn towards it because their curiosity seems to always get the best of them.

Most hummingbird species in North America spend summers breeding in the Eastern states before heading south to winter in Central America. Some of them end up in Sedona, Arizona, home of the famous red rock formations and well known for its natural beauty.

The southwestern area is a place many wintering birds call home and it’s also where YouTube user Blueskeye lives. Blueskeye filmed an incredible interaction he had with a pair of hummingbirds and thankfully shared it so you can see just how adorable and sweet it truly was.

He explained the background of the story and wrote that back in February of 2011 Sedona was experiencing an extremely cold snap of winter weather. It was so cold that the nectar he put out to feed a pair of friendly hummingbirds kept freezing up within an hour of being outside.

To keep the hummingbird’s tummies full and the food from freezing up, he placed a heating pad underneath one of the feeders. When he checked on it the following morning he saw a lovely sight, the two tiny birds were sitting atop the heating pad and cozily drinking up their food!

Blueskeye named the pair of Anna’s Hummingbirds Rocky and Adrian, no doubt in homage to the characters in the award winning Sylvester Stallone film, Rocky. He and the two hummingbirds became very good friends. In fact, they were so close that little birds would sit on his hand while feeding and right next to him while he unfroze their food with a hairdryer!

The birds must have been really cold because Rocky even sat in front of the dryer so the warm air would blow on him. Most animals are scared of the powerful and strange rush of warm air they make, not to mention the loud noise, and many a cat or dog has been terrified by a dryer.

If you didn’t previously understand why people love and go out of their way to feed and attract hummingbirds, perhaps this video will show you why. The lively little birds are not only pretty to look at, they’re also very friendly and easily become accustomed to being around people.

After time many won’t hesitate to feed at flowers or nectar feeders located close to windows and houses. Support your local hummingbirds today and set up your own feeder. Then you can watch them play and interact with each other as they zip around!

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