If You Eat 1 Serving Of Sweet Potatoes Per Day For A Month This Happens To Your Body!

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Many people believe that the nutritional benefits of sweet potatoes and white potatoes are interchangeable, while nothing could be further from the truth!  The video you are about to watch below does an excellent job of explaining the vast differences between the two.  In so doing you will find out that the sweet potato contains properties that offer so many health benefits, that it is valued as a SUPERFOOD!

These readily available and inexpensive dietary staples, offer a powerful nutritional punch, that I found to be astounding.  Adding this sweet and delicious starch to your daily diet, will protect your body against a multitude of diseases.

Although the carbohydrate count is equivalent to that of the white potato, it contains double the amount of fiber, making it a COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATE.  These burn much slower than low-fiber carbohydrates, allowing the body to use it more efficiently for energy.  This makes the sweet potato vital to WEIGHT MANAGEMENT.

Sweet potatoes are HEART-HEALTHY;  being high in Vitamin B6, allows it to break down the chemical homocysteine in our bodies, which is in part responsible for hardening of the arteries and blood vessels that is a cause of degenerative diseases such as heart attacks.

Additionally, the high amount of POTASSIUM found in this Superfood lowers blood pressure by regulating body fluids, and, as a significant electrolyte, it REGULATES HEART RHYTHM, BRAIN FUNCTION and the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM.

Rich in Vitamins C and E, the ANTIOXIDANT qualities inherent in the sweet potato act as a protection against toxins and free radicals linked to cancer.  Therefore, the mighty sweet potato helps to PREVENT DISEASE and INCREASE LONGEVITY.

Because they are also rich in BETA-CAROTENE or Vitamin A, this adds to it’s anti-oxidant potential.  Studies at Harvard University, of 124,000 people, revealed a 32% lower risk of lung cancer in people whose daily diets contained foods rich in

Beta-Carotene.  Another study done by Women’s Healthy Eating and Living (WHEL) studied women who had gone through treatment for early stage breast cancer;  the women with the highest blood concentration of carotenoids, had the lowest incidence of cancer recurrence.

Just one sweet potato provides the body with it’s daily required amount of Vitamin A, which additionally protects your skin from UV damage, from the inside out.  It speeds up the healing of wounds and produces the collagen which keeps our skin looking young.

As such, the combination of Beta-Carotene with Vitamins C and E, provides a potent role in the health and beauty of skin and hair, making the sweet potato an outstanding “BEAUTY FOOD”.  The whopping amount of Vitamin A in this delicious sweet food, further promotes EYE HEALTH, by preventing loss of vision and macular degeneration.

The Magnesium and Vitamin D found in sweet potatoes play an important role in mood, stress-reduction, energy levels, and bone health.  The video you are about to watch will also discuss the trace element, Manganese, found in sweet potatoes, and it’s important contribution to maintaining the quality of your health, with more specifics on brain health and functioning.

Historical details as well as optimal ways to choose, cook and consume this outstanding food are additionally discussed.

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