He Just Got Back To His House From Work. But His Grieving Dog Quickly Led Him To a Stranger Hiding Inside!

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Most people think that dogs and cats are constantly at war with one another for world domination. While this is true most of the time, sometimes felines and canines rise above their hate for one another and develop beautiful and amazing friendships. When a dog and cat are best friends it truly is an amazing thing to witness and something we as a people could learn a lesson from. If these two species can put their differences aside so can we!

This brings us to today’s featured story which features a man who had a cat and 2 dogs who were best of friends for many years. One of the dogs Crosby was especially close to both his older dog brother and kitty best friend. They did everything together until one sad day the cat passed away and traveled across the rainbow bridge.

After the cat passed away the Crosby became very depressed and was clearly grieving the loss of his best friend. Luckily for him he still had his older brother dog who was there for support. Also he still had his human which he loved very much.

Sadly his older dog brother also passed on only a couple months later! Now Crosby had just lost his 2 best friends in the whole world in a very short period of time. Crosby tried to stay chipper, wag his tale and be a good dog but he was very depressed. His pain and sadness was visible and palpable and his human who was his only friend left in the world had to leave him alone while he was at work.

One afternoon the man got back home from work and Crosby was acting pretty strange. It seemed like the pup was trying to show his human something and lead him somewhere or to something in the house. The dog led him to the bathroom where someone was hiding in the bath tub…

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