Kitten Stuck In Cage Is Desperate To Visit Her Puppy Best Friend. How She Does It Is Incredible!

Cats are naturally curious and love to climb on things and explore, especially kittens. If something catches their attention they’ll often stop at nothing to check it out up close and personal. Even if there are obstacles in the way, they usually manage to figure out a way around them, or over it!

Such was the case of one adorable kitten at a pet store in Taipei, Taiwan. The little kitty was caught in action clambering from her pen over to the one right next to her, which held a sweet puppy! It’s hard to tell for sure but the mischievous cat was either going to visit and sniff out her neighbor, or perhaps she was making a break for freedom.

In the video posted by the JoLinn Pet House it’s clear to see that the kitten is a natural climber as she jumps right up on the glass side. She struggles for a moment before clawing her way onto the top ledge and that’s when she realizes she has only two options.

One is to go back down in her pen the way she came, the other is to try and get over to the dog’s pen next to hers. Not wanting to turn back, she takes the second route and shimmies her way over to the puppy.

The little dog could not be happier, he rears up on his hind legs and wags his tail at the sight of the kitten coming to join him. That’s when the poor kitty starts to struggle with the slippery glass, and the excited puppy doesn’t help by showering her with kisses!

However, she makes it safely over the side and into the dog’s pen where she heads straight to the back corner in a hopeless attempt to try and escape the puppy’s overzealous attention. He can’t stop licking and jumping on her, at this point she’s probably wishing she’d stayed in her pen!

Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, you’ll love and appreciate this adorable video so check it out and enjoy 🙂

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