Tiny Baby Elephant Notices People Watching Him On Safari. But Seconds Later He Does The Most Adorable Thing Ever.

When on safari, expect the unexpected. There’s absolutely no way you can ever know what you’re going to come across which is all part of what makes the experience so awesome and exciting. Venturing out into the wild where some of the planet’s largest, most fierce animals roam freely is simply guaranteed to be action packed and filled with one thrilling adventure after another.

Of course, sometimes the most memorable thing that you end up witnessing on a once in a lifetime safari vacation isn’t necessarily going to be a pack of lions taking down a Wildebeest. Nature works in mysterious ways and as the tourists in this video found out, those ways can be quite adorable and endearing!

The group had stopped on a dusty beaten path near a watering hole to allow a family of elephants to pass. The larger mother was leading in front and trailing closely behind her were two smaller elephants. The smallest one of the bunch was just a baby and as the people in the group fawned over how adorable the calf was he turned and looked right at them. The glance was the perfect photo opportunity, but it only lasted a few seconds before the little guy suddenly seized up and let out a big sneeze! The force rocked his body and caused him to let out a mini-trumpeting noise that sounds absolutely adorable.

Just as cute as the actual sneeze was the baby elephants reaction to it. While the noise he made caused everyone else to laugh and giggle in delight, it ended up spooking the poor baby! He took off running, his little feet moving double time to help him skedaddle on over to his mama, where he proceeded to hide behind her massive frame. You just have to see and hear this baby elephant sneeze, it’s nature in its most lovable and comical state!

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