She Gets A Toothbrush And Starts Plucking Out Every Bristle But When She Reveals The End Result? AWESOME!

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Custom made jewelry can end up costing a pretty penny if you buy it at the store or online. Why not try making some one of a kind pieces at home that cost practically nothing and look just as beautiful as their pricier counterparts! With this tutorial, making your own arm candy can be extremely low cost, easy, and fun to do.

YouTuber Katrina Sherwood posted the creative method that she uses to make unique and inventive plastic bracelets on her blog “Katrinaosity.” The project is a hands-on way to re-use and recycle old plastic toothbrushes into trendy, colorful, 80s style bracelets, so you won’t waste or need to buy anything.

Even if you don’t have any old plastic toothbrushes laying around, they can easily be found at the store for well under five dollars. You can make lots of these and if you mess up it doesn’t matter, just keep going until you make the perfect accessory!

To create your very own bracelets you will need some plastic toothbrushes (the cheap kind work fine), needle nose pliers, a towel and oven mitts, heat resistant tongs, and a pot of hot water. To begin, start by first heating up the pot of water on the stove until it boils.

In the meantime, take the needle nose pliers and use them to rip out all of the bristles from the toothbrush heads. Once the bristles have been completely removed, place one toothbrush at a time in the boiling water for about 10 seconds or so. Using the heat resistant tongs, carefully remove the toothbrush and check to see how pliable it is with a towel or oven mitt protecting your hand.

If it bends enough to be folded into a bracelet shape that will fit around your wrist, it’s done. If it doesn’t, simply place it back in the boiling water for another 10 seconds or so, until it’s flexible enough to bend. The plastic will cool off quickly so you may have to re-boil it a few times until you get the toothbrush to bend into a wearable, desired shape.

These awesome looking, colorful, acrylic type bracelets are so easy to create and turn out beautiful. You can make a bunch and stack them, plus they can be custom made to match any outfit or look you are going for. Check out the video to learn more on how to make them and enjoy!

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