Lion Stumbles Out Of The Grass, Sees The Camera and Tries To Scare It With The Funniest Sound.

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Coming face to face with a wild lion is a breathtaking and rare occurrence. The second largest big cat species in the world can be very elusive when they’re off in the wild. They usually choose to avoid human contact and stick close to other members of their own pride. At least that’s true of older, fully wild, and grown adult cats who roam large territories hunting in search for food.

For young little cubs, it’s a whole different story. Like all newborn babies, lion cubs are very inquisitive and less afraid of both people and other animals. They haven’t yet developed a healthy fear of the things that could potentially harm them and they like to check things out because everything is new to them.

That’s what the tiny little fella in this video appears to be doing. He pops out of the tall grass and waddles adorably right up the pathway while making faint meowing noises. He isn’t afraid of the camera in front of him as he raises his head to face it and opens his mouth wide to let a huge roar out! The only thing is, he’s still way too young to let a fierce, loud, ferocious sounding roar rip. Instead a tiny little pip-squeak comes out!!

Sounds like this little cutie has a lot of growing up to do. When he’s eventually full grown that roar will have developed into a tremendous vocal call that can travel and be heard up to five miles away. That’s pretty impressive, but definitely not nearly as adorable and sweet as the noises this cub makes. Check out the clip because he’s by far the cutest thing you’re likely see all day.

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