She Calls Out To a Creature In The Water! Moments Later It Surprisingly Reveals Itself!

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There is some surprising news in Freeport, Maine;  Kylie Brown has become a mother at the age of five years!  Did you gasp?!  No need, because her child is a duck called Snowflake, whom she has raised from birth.  So why call her a mother, as opposed to a pet owner?  The answer lies in the unique behavior of baby ducklings, known as imprinting.

A young duckling naturally identifies with any animal larger than them, whom they see in their very earliest days of life.  This need not be a mother duck…it could be any larger animal from a different species, including a Human Animal!  That human animal came in the form of young Kylie.

Amazingly enough, a duck who imprints on a human, not only sees that human as it’s mother, but identifies himself as a human!  In the case of Kylie and Snowflake, the understanding of the relationship is reciprocal…Kylie views herself as Snowflake’s mom.  They have been inseparable since they met;  Snowflake sticks by “Mom” Kylie’s side, never venturing away from her.

In this absolutely charming video you are about to watch below, you will hear Kylie interviewed about the activities she does with her “son”.  The interview is conducted by Steve Hartman of CBS Sunday Morning;  Kylie’s seriously innocent responses in discussing her “son”, at one point just breaks Steve up into uncontainable laughter.

You will be charmed and awed by the video, and will also enjoy a good laugh…not at her expense, but at her wide-eyed serious conviction.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

Watch the video below and enjoy:

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