Every Time The Mailman Delivers The Mail This Angry Cat Throws The Most Hysterical Fit.

Mail carriers are no strangers to having to deal with some wacky and unusual characters while they’re out delivering mail on their routes. Many of them have more than a few tales to tell about all of the wildly colorful animals and people they’ve encountered over the years. When it comes to animals, most of the time it’s aggressive, over-eager dogs that a mailman has to watch out for and be careful around. Lots of postal workers carry dog biscuits with them wherever they go because the tasty treats help them win over antsy pets. Dogs feel less threatened after they’ve been tossed a treat and the biscuits also work to momentarily distract them while a carrier goes about making his deliveries.

As common as it may be for dogs to harass mailmen, for one postal worker the issue he faces daily isn’t an overprotective dog. Instead it’s feline related! The unnamed US Postal employee recorded his daily run-in with one of the cats on his route and shared it online so the world could witness what he has to deal with.

The clip starts off with the mailman parking his truck at the curb. As he heads towards the front door the cat can be seen in the window beside it, ready and waiting for the man to come closer. He remarks aloud “kitty cat ready to do battle” before saying hello to the spotted tabby and then goes to make his mail delivery. As he tries to slip the mail through the slot in the door the cat blocks it aggressively and sends the papers flying! The mailman picks up the mail and tries to deliver it again, and again, and again…every time he tries to push it through the cat is there blocking the slot and firmly rejecting all of his attempts. At one point the man wonders to himself how he’s ever going to deliver it and he even remarks the cat is getting stronger, good luck with that one!

The viral video has racked up over 2.5 million views and illustrates perfectly just how strange and crazy some of the stuff that mailmen have to put up with can get. This cat won’t let anything past the door and is definitely a pain in the mail slot!

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