Makeup Artist Demonstrates An Easy Way To Put On Eyeliner. The Result Is Perfect Every Time!

The first recorded documentation of eyeliner was in Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.  The people of this time placed a dark black line around their eyes.  These cosmetic applications were not only used for looks but also to protect their skin from the hot desert sun.  Another reason they applied eyeliner was to protect themselves against the evil eye.

The eyeliner was made from antimony and copper ore.  Then for many centuries eyeliner disappeared only to make a resurgence in the 1920’s when Tutankhamun’s tomb was found.  Eyeliner was soon reintroduced to the western world, and fashion quickly began to change, while women felt more free to apply makeup.

In modern culture, eyeliner has seen a  strong resurgence in Punk,Gothic, and Emo Fashion.  It is also common daily make up practice of many people to highlight different features of the eyes.

Sometimes in life it is the simplest ideas that make the greatest impact.  The Makeup artist in the video below has come up with an awesome trick for those who are constantly struggling with their eyeliner application.

There is a bit of a learning curve to this method, and it will take some practice but once you get it down, it is the perfect way to curl your eyelashes and place your eyeliner perfectly all at the same time.

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