This Man Approaches A Kid On The Playground With a Puppy. What Happens Next Is Scary.

This is an alert to all parents!  This video is a must-see for parents of all young children.  Most parents these days drill it into their children not to talk to strangers; never go with a stranger who offers you candy, playing with a puppy etc.  We all believe that because we tell our kids this over and over again, that they digest this information and will never go with a stranger that entices them.

Well think again!  JoeySalads, a Youtuber, decided to do a social experiment on a local playground.  He has an adorable puppy with him that any child would be enchanted with.  As the children are busy playing on the playground equipment, Joey approaches different moms who are sitting on the park benches.  He asks if they think their child will go with him, a stranger, if he shows them his cute pup and tells them he has others to show them.

All the mothers believe that their kids will check with them before going with this stranger.  After they give him permission to approach their child to test out whether they have learned the stranger lesson, he goes to each child and offers to show them his other pups.

Every child fails the test!  Without a second thought they take Joey’s hand and walk off with him, without a glance in their mother’s direction!  Towards the end of the video we see one mom holding her son and explaining to him that Joey is a stranger.  If he had been a bad stranger “you would never have seen mommy again.”  You can see how this “experience” really impacts the little boy as he clings onto his mom.

Perhaps the lesson of this video is that children learn more from experience than from mere words that go in one ear and out the other.  I bet that little boy will remember what happened and what his mom said about his never seeing her again, because of having actually gone off with this “staged” stranger.

The results of this social experiment are truly terrifying.  In order to protect our children from possible abduction, more needs to be done than simply telling them not to talk to strangers. Please comment and let us know if you have some ideas about what would be most effective for your kids.

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