This Man Tried To Grab A Pelican Before It Could Fly Away. The Reason Tore My Heart Up!

It seemed like a beautiful day at the beach in this video uploaded to YouTube. The breeze was steady and cooling and the sun shining without a cloud in the sky. But something was not right. A pelican lounging on the handrail of the pier was in trouble. Fishing wire had become entangled around his bill thus holding his mouth tightly shut, inhibiting the ability to eat or drink. It was threatening the bird’s life.

The man in red knew he had to do something about it. With the help of the assembled crowd he sneakily edged up on the bird from behind. The bystanders clapped, causing the pelican to take flight. With precise timing the man grabbed a hold of the bird’s webbed feet and brought him gently down onto the ground.

He carefully secured the pelican’s wings and head so that his friend would be able to cut the fishing wire off. The friend cautiously removed the wire, which took a fair amount of time and effort to work free, as it was wrapped on so tightly. The man in red then releases the pelican but only after a quick final check of his mouth and bill.

The large bird flies off over the water and is now free again to eat and drink. The crowd claps and thanks the man and his friend for doing their good deed. Everyone is smiling and delighted that the bird has a new lease on life. The whole video and rescue is under two and a half minutes but the effect of it will carry on much longer than that. The man in red stepped up and helped a fellow creature in need, and for that he is a hero.

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