This Guy Noticed Something Strange On His Truck So He Removed The Panel. What Was Under It OMG!

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You are about to watch a video of a car problem that is beyond belief!  The man in the footage seems to be a handy, steady kind of guy who takes matters into his own hands.  He had arrived in Jacksonville after driving his old International Harvester Scout truck from Houston.

The man had an inkling that his trusty old vehicle wasn’t driving quite right.  He checked around for a while, when something told him to remove the back side panel of the truck.  What he found there was beyond shocking, yet he sounds “cool as a cucumber” as he films the sight.

The truck was around 30 years old, and what he found living under that panel had probably been growing there for quite a while.  Hiding there was an giant bee colony, that had grown through half the side of the truck!!

If you have a phobia about bees be forewarned…what he reveals are literally thousands of bees swarming in one of largest most intricate hives I have ever seen!  I found his calm demeanor to be both unusual and outstanding; his presence of mind allowed him to get rid of the bees in a non-lethal method.

The bees had made their way through holes in the side of the old truck as a result of rusting, so for those of you who wouldn’t have faced the situation without panic, be sure to repair rust on your car! It is quite amazing that he was able to have the entire hive transferred to a location where they all could survive.

As we all know, bees are essential for a healthy ecosystem.

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