This Man Found A Dead Shark But Realized Something Was Strange. When He Cut It Open THIS Came Out!

The Cordell family was spending a nice relaxing day at the beach when they noticed something odd.  A shark was washed up on the sand and it looked to be dead. When they got a closer look, they noticed something was moving inside its belly.

The man quickly grabbed a knife and made a v-shaped incision across its abdomen and did an emergency C-section.  Then a miracle occurred, after a bit of a struggle one baby shark came out of it’s mother’s stomach.  Then when they thought it was over, they were shocked to find out that two more babies were on their way out!

The video was filmed by the Cordell’s 13 year old son.  The sharks were later released into the water and given a second chance of life.  Their survival depends on how close the mother was to term.  If she was ready to give birth soon the little shark pups actually have a pretty good chance of surviving.

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