Man Takes A Pregnancy Test As A Joke But Didn’t Know It Would It Would Accidentally Discover His Cancer.

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Every once in a while you come across a story that is truly a real miracle. A reddit user whose name is Cappnpoopdeck thought it would be a hysterical joke to pee on his x-girlfriend’s pregnancy tests she had left in his bathroom.  He took the pregnancy test urinated on it and to his surprise the test came back positive saying that indeed he was pregnant. He was confused and couldn’t understand how this was possible! What started out as a funny gag to mess with his x-girlfriend actually ended up saving this lucky man’s life.

Right after Cappnpoopdeck got word from fellow Redditors he immediately rushed over to his doctor. During the exam the doctor found a testicular-tumor!  If he never peed on this little stick, he probably would’ve died at such a young age.  Thank god for the internet, which on this day happened to save this guy’s life!

So with all the craziness on the internet these days, there is still amazing miracles that can happen! This is something everyone should be aware of. As it turns out pregnancy tests look for raised levels of HCG, which is a hormone produced by pregnant women and some men (not all) with testicular-cancer!

After I read this story, it inspired me to do some more research to find out why the same thing shows up in the placenta and when someone has cancer. In my research, I found out an important piece of information that may help this tool be used in a more effective manner.

Although it is accurate that many testicular-tumors do produce this marker, due to the wide variance of tumors and types of cancer, IT DOES NOT HAPPEN IN EVERY CASE. So if you think you might be sick or have cancer ALWAYS go see your doctor and don’t rely on a pregnancy test.

I had no idea that a pregnancy test could be such a lifesaver! The intended use of the test is very beneficial on its own, allowing countless women to determine if they are pregnant without ever having to go see a doctor. But who knew it would have another use that could be just as helpful, and even save lives.

However, taking the test and getting a negative result does not guarantee that a person is cancer-free, and it certainly does not substitute going to the doctor at regular intervals and performing regular self checks. That said, this commonly available test is a useful aid when used in addition to tried and true methods of early cancer detection. If you suspect something is wrong always go to a doctor to make sure..

Watch the video below for more information and remember this DOES NOT WORK IN ALL CASES only some like the man in this video. If you suspect something is wrong always go see a medical professional.

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