If You Massage This Point On Your Leg At Night Before Bed THIS Is What Happens To Your Body!

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The incredible benefits of natural remedies in Chinese traditional medicine, such as acupuncture and acupressure, have been incorporated in Western medicine as they have come to witness health improvement.

Although acupuncture has received somewhat more acclaim, many of the same results can be achieved without needles. Chinese medicine has located “acupressure points” that are associated with channels in your body.  These channels, known as meridians, are the same points of energy used in acupuncture.

The theory is that pressing on these exact points improves blood flow, which raises the amount of oxygen delivered that in turn promotes healing.

In the following video you will watch a tutorial using acupressure massage in what is known as the San Yin Jiao (SP6), known to relieve stress and promote healthy sleep.

Additionally, acupressure at this point is known to help with: Abdominal Distention; Digestion; Menstrual Disorders and Pain; Urinary Dysfunction and Lower Limb Problems.  Cleansing and cleaning the kidney and spleen is also attributed stimulation of this point.

San Yin Jiao should not be stimulated during pregnancy, as it can bring on labor.  However it can help in pain alleviation during labor, and has been used for women struggling with infertility.  Watch the footage below so that you can find the exact point and how to perform the acupressure.

Repeating this mode of massage should be repeated for 5 minutes on each leg, to relieve insomnia and stress!

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