These Men Find A Mountain Lion Stuck In A Trap. Then They Do The UNTHINKABLE!

Can you imagine walking along in the beautiful mountains of Utah and coming upon a cougar?!  A very angry cougar, at that, as one of his feet was caught in a bobcat trap. Ok, so you are not a conservation officer who might be better equipped to deal with such a situation, like the two men who are determined to help this poor animal, despite the danger to themselves.

You see, they have no tranquilizer or any means to relax the cougar, who is already quite upset at being trapped.  In this heart-stopping footage you will watch six of the most intense and stressful minutes imaginable…the officers are only armed with catch poles and a blanket!

Obviously, the cougar had no way of knowing that they were attempting to release him from the trap, as you will see by his amped up fear and resultant aggressiveness.  Honestly, my heart was beating pretty fast watching this online; it is hard to imagine the amount of adrenaline racing through these brave men.

The dramatic moment of release is well worth waiting for.  These men could have left the cougar to get some means of tranquilizing the animal upon return.  Their bravery, in not doing so, is exemplary…they knew that leaving the trapped animal would leave him prey to other animals, (including unscrupulous humans) which could result in his demise.

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