Mom Comes Home And Confronts Her Dog About The Giant Mess. He Points and Rats Out The Guilty Party.

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No one likes being called out and told on by someone else. It usually leads to getting into trouble and being punished for whatever you did that you shouldn’t have done!

In many places, informing on another person is a major no-no. It’s socially frowned upon, even unacceptable, and can come with risky consequences. When you’re young it’s called being a tattle-tale, when you’re older and more street-smart (or in prison) it’s called being a rat. But when you’re a dog, it’s called being a good boy!

Special rules apply to dogs because they’re adorable and don’t know any better.. and obviously they’re just special! When a dog does something naughty usually their guilt is written all over their face or they leave a clear trail of destruction in their wake. That’s because they tend to get carried away when they finally get a chance to do something that’s off-limits or forbidden, like the little French Bulldog in this clip.

The cute Frenchie made a mess when her owners left her home alone with just her older brother, a very big and very sweet looking Bull Mastiff. She got a little too excited when she came across a stray roll of toilette paper and accidentally ended up tearing it to shreds. When her humans walked in the door they were greeted by the sight of her draped in chewed up pieces of paper and surrounded by what was left of the roll.

While the evidence and circumstances clearly point to her guilt, the owner nevertheless decides to ask the two who made the mess. As the camera focuses in on the Bull Mastiff he appears to be quite relaxed and at ease, as if he doesn’t have a care in the world. He’s not worried about the whole situation and he replies in the cutest possible way. Without whimpering a word or uttering a sound he simply lifts up one paw and uses it to point at his sister. He ratted out the Frenchie, answered his human, and proved how much he deserves a treat all in one swift move! Now that is a good, smart, handsome dog!

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