Mom and Dad Left Their Baby Alone With The Dogs. When They Return They Are Absolutely STUNNED!

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Before many couples take the drastic step into parenthood, they tend to dip their feet into a pseudo-parenting job with a dog or a cat and take care of their fur baby as if it was their own. Being able to see how a significant other interacts with your pet will give you a pretty good idea of how they will be around a child. Before pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent usually the only baby in the house is the kitty or the pup!

For the most part, once a couple has a baby and they introduce it to the family pet, after a little bit of awkwardness and weirdness, the animal soon understands that this is a new part of their family and ‘pack’. Not only do they usually love their new baby brother or sister but they can be at times very defensive and protective of their little humans.

There are many loving and interesting behaviors that dogs exhibit with their new little baby or brother. In the following video we will see some amazing dog/baby introduction and best friend photos and videos. The featured story is of 2 huge Great Danes who were left alone with their new little human!

Watch the video below for the full story, video and images:

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