Mommy Asks Bulldog How His Day Was. He Answers With a Funny Hissy Fit.

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Dogs often have mixed responses when it comes to talking to their owners. Some absolutely love chatting away and will readily jump into long, drawn out, full-blown conversations. Then there are those who are more reserved and quiet, making noises only when they feel like it, or are hungry and want to eat!

Bruley, the adorable French Bulldog in this video, falls into the former category. He has a whole lot to say and when his owner arrived home one day he launched right into it! From the moment the video begins the sweet little Frenchie is already jibber-jabbering away.

His mom interrupts to ask him who he is talking to and he manages to moan out a very convincing sounding “you!”

When she proceeds to inquire about how his day went, Bruley eagerly replies with a bit of whimpering and whining. It seems as if he’s had quite a rough day and isn’t all that happy about the way things are currently going. The best part is when it sounds like he actually says “Oh mom!” about midway trough the clip. Listen and see if you can pick up on what he’s saying because this dog may know a bit of English, seriously!

If you love watching adorable dogs throw mini tantrums and chatting away in the cutest possible manner, then check out this Frenchie in action.

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