Neighbor Sees This Pup With His Snout Duct Taped. So He Breaks Into The Yard and Does The UNTHINKABLE!

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Dogs are amazing creatures. We adore the dogs we own. This is a priviledge that not all canines receive. Sometimes, we forget about all the poor puppies that are treated badly. This story is not about us. It’s about a couple who did recognize a dog in poor conditions and the lengths they went to to protect it.

They first noticed something wrong as soon as they arrived in the house. The neighbor had a concrete yard for a backyard. The couple’s neighbors kept their golden retriever outside attached to a chain. The dog clearly was not a fan of the setup.

The retriever expressed its dissasitsfaction and despair through moans and crying. The owners despised the sounds the dog made and decided to do something even more cruel. They taped the dog’s mouth shut. Not only was it uncomfortable, it was also making breathing difficult for the dog.

When the couple saw this, they couldn’t handle it. They called the police who did nothing. So the couple did the unthinkable: they climbed the fence to their neighbor’s yard and removed all of the various restrictive bindings from the dog. They brought it back to their yard and decided to raise it in conjunction with their previously owned dog. The retriever was certainly lucky to have such empathetic and brave people around to see its plight and rescue it. They were the true heroes.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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