This New Trick Is Being Used At The ATM By Scammers To Get Your Personal Info. I Had No Idea.


We have all heard of identity theft, and thieves getting hold of your credit card information and going on shopping sprees.  One of the most “tech savvy” ways for these unscrupulous people to attain your credit card information, is through a device called ATM SKIMMERS.

They were first rumored to be around in the early 2000s; not taken seriously at first, these devices which could read credit cards were indeed being installed in ATMs.  The video you are about to watch below, discusses how the sophistication of these Skimmers have grown over the years. One of the former “bad guys” who was caught, is now helping law enforcement, the FBI and even the Secret Service to better detect and prevent the successful use of the Skimmers.

As you will hear in the report below, not only ATMs, but gas station self-serve slots, are frequently the targets for placing Skimmers to get access to your credit card information.  You will be given clues on detecting when something looks off, as well as other ways to avoid being a victim.

The new Chip credit cards will make the skimming more difficult, but not impossible.  Palm scanners are in development by several governments, already being used in Japan, to avoid this hazard completely.

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