No One Believed Her When She Told Them What Her Pup Started Doing. So She Caught THIS!

In the war between cats and dogs it appears that more people would choose the dog’s side. That’s going off of reports about a recent AP poll which found that more Americans like dogs than cats. While cats and dogs are equally adorable in many of our eyes, it’s easy to see why dogs came out on top.

They’re naturally more friendly and outgoing than their feline counterparts and always look like they’re happy and having the best time ever.

The adorable puppy named Herbert in this clip is no exception to this and the grin he gives the camera shows how sweet and smart he truly is.

Herbert was being fostered Amanda Robles for PAWS Chicago when she decided to capture his unique gift of grin in action. At the time this was filmed he was about five months old, still just a puppy, and had been living with her for a few short weeks.

The clip starts out with Herbert resting on his haunches, sitting there calmly while looking relaxed and at ease. When Amanda tells him to “say cheese” Herbert’s normal puppy face transforms into a wide, teeth baring, 1,000 watt smile that stretches fully across his head!

He really knows how to work a camera and his expression is just too cute for words. The fact that he’s able to transform his face from average into a huge grin on command at such a young age also shows how clever and quick he is. He shouldn’t have any problem finding a forever home with a beautiful face, brains, and a smile like that!

Check out his happy grin in the short clip for an instant mood boost. It’ll put a similarly cheesy type of grin on your face since you can’t help but smile when you see his!

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