Nobody Believed Him When He Described What He Trained A Seagull To Do. So He Caught THIS On Video

Have you ever seen a seagull tap dance? Well, the time that you all have been waiting for has finally arrived! Since yesteryear’s beginningless dawn, you wondered whether or not you would ever have the glorious opportunity to behold the unfathomable tap dancing seagull. Could it be possible?

Many said it could not, but one Welshman has proven them wrong for once and for all. The timeless debate shall now come to an end, for it is now know that a man can, indeed, train a seagull to tap dance on command.

That’s right, folks, this here is a bonafide tap dancing seagull, complete with feet that tap and a body that wiggles along on top. Not something to take lightly, I assure you, for I speak from firsthand experience. I have, myself, seen a video of this very seagull, and he really did tap dance.

I don’t mean just a little bit, kinda, at least enough that one might be convinced, if gullible enough, to believe the seagull might have been tap dancing.

No, I am talking about the kind of thing you never even hear about because it is too absurd. This bird will tap dance as soon as this man says “Dance!” The rate of success is one hundred percent. The bird is perfectly trained and has the dance choreographed flawlessly.

The proof is in the pudding: this bird dances on command about twenty times, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that this bird is literally a professional tap dancer. He just gets paid in bread. Not a bad deal!

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