Nobody Believed Her When She Described How Her Cat Gets Back In The House. So She Caught THIS

If you have a cat who loves going outside to get some fresh air and explore, then it’s likely you’re always opening the door to let kitty in and out. Unless, of course, you have a cat door installed that allows your frisky feline to come and go as he or she pleases, but most people lack such conveniences.

While most cats usually wait patiently to be let in at the door, some are less than patient and will claw or meow up a storm trying to get your attention. Life would be so much easier for both cats and their human companions if they could just learn how to ring the doorbell when they’re ready to be let inside!

Such type of action is not entirely outside of the realm of possibility, as is evidenced by one cheeky orange cat named Bruno. When Bruno wants to get back in the house he simply rubs the side of his face on the doorbell button and waits for it to open. He has this down to an art and kills two birds with one stone when he does it because he scratches his cheeks in the process.

His owner, Patrick Dougherty, uploaded footage of his smarty cat in action and it’s easily one of the coolest, most intelligent, and quirky things a kitty could ever do. Patrick also noted in the video’s description that Bruno only rings the bell during appropriate times when someone is present and awake to let him in and never does it at nighttime when everyone’s fast asleep. Not only is he smart, he’s thoughtful and considerate of others too!

If only all cats could ring doorbells… it wouldn’t just make life easier for everyone, it’d also make our feline companions a lot more independent and therefore probably happier as well. Please share this video with all the other cat lovers you know who can truly appreciate it for how awesome and remarkable it really is.

After all, it’s hard not to love a clever cat!

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