Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Dog’s A.M. Ritual So She Got a Hidden Cam and Caught This

Do you remember the first time your parents left you home alone for an extended period of time? They finally thought you were old and mature enough to be responsible, and maybe you were, but many of us were definitely not. Some people took full advantage of their newfound freedom and some also took on the motto ‘no parents, no rules!’ Whether they stayed out super late, took a car they knew was off limits, or threw a raging house party, they did things that were unexpected and maybe even a little crazy!

In the same sense that many teenagers act a fool when their parents leave them home alone, so do lots of our pets! Think about it, if you have animals that you leave home alone, do you really know what they get up to when you’re gone? Most people assume that their pets either take it easy and rest all day long or they cry for a bit and get upset, but eventually settle down. While that could easily be the case, it can just as easily not be! Perhaps they act like the dog in this video, which is in a totally unexpected way!

The adorable Golden Retriever seen in this home security camera footage doesn’t mope around or head to bed when his parents step out for the day. Instead, the eight month old dog seems to think that it’s time to party and he doesn’t take it easy! As you can see, the amped up puppy runs around in circles in the living room while a fellow Retriever looks on. The only time the dog stops going in circles is when he takes a break to jump up on the couch and bark in his sibling’s face. It looks like he’s trying really hard to get the other dog to play with him, but his aggressive approach is just not working.

This puppy is seriously like the energizer bunny, he keeps going and going and going, in circles! His energy knows no limits and it’s hilarious to watch him in action. At least he’ll be tired out by the time his owner returns home and he isn’t crying or depressed when they’re gone. Heck, it actually looks like he’s having the time of his life!

In the end, the big goofy cutie-pie finally takes a break and heads for his water bowl in search of some much needed refreshment. Check him out if you want to smile and this clip will definitely make you say “awww” because that’s the typical response to these types of adorable videos!

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