Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Dogs Morning Ritual So She Got A Camera and Caught THIS

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This is such a heart warming video, that shows how important having a dog is to a young child.  A lot of people say they would rather have a dog than a child.  But, I think having both is the best combination.  Having a dog in the house is one the greatest things a family can do for their child.

Purdue University did a study where they found 40 percent of children begin their life with a pet in the family. Of that population 90 percent will live with these pets through their childhood. Taking care of another living being is a wonderful way to teach your children skills that they will use throughout their lives.  They will learn responsibility, nurturing, comforting and loving.

In the video below Mom finally catches her Boston Terrier’s morning ritual with her baby.  You can tell this wild eyed crazy Boston Terrier loves his little human.  This dog has a huge smile on his face as he jumps in and out of the baby’s crib.  His little human seems to enjoy the entertainment more than anyone.  A happy dog makes a happy human.

These two look like they are going to be best friends for life! 🙂

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