Sad Bull Spent His Life Chained To A Rusty Cage. Now Watch His Reaction When He’s Freed.

It’s no secret that the majority of farm animals live in horrible, cramped, unsanitary conditions. A great many are also neglected and when the extent of their neglect comes to light it’s both heartbreaking to hear about and hard to comprehend!

Such was the case of one poor bull in Austria named Bandit. He was tied up his entire life, locked away in a drafty barn, and confined to a tiny space barely larger than himself. It was in a cramped corner stall where he was found by a rescuer, tethered to a pole and kept on a short chain. As you can see in the video, the bull looked miserable and lethargic, as any animal kept in those prison-like conditions would be. However, Bandit’s life was about to change in one of the most positive, uplifting ways possible.

He was one of the few lucky ones who made it out and was given a second chance at living a normal, happy, and healthy life. You can watch his rescue here and see how unbelievably happy he was to escape his chains and romp around freely for the first time in who knows how long. The moment he’s released he runs to the center of the room and bucks with wild abandon before rolling around in a pile of hay. Before he’s taken away to his new home, he jumps around a little more, as if to say goodbye to his fellow animal friends.

Afterwards, Bandit was taken to the farm sanctuary Gut Aiderbichl in Austria and given a large, spacious pen filled with fresh hay to relax and stay in. The delight he feels upon seeing the new digs makes him want to do another dance as he runs and leaps around joyously.

However, it’s towards the end of the clip that one of the most tender, incredible moments of all takes place. Bandit turns and heads towards the man who saved him and nuzzles his forehead gently against his. It’s as if he’s saying thank you and showing his immense gratitude all in that one simple gesture.

Bandit’s life has changed dramatically for the better all thanks in part to the selfless efforts of the Gut Aiberbichl farm animal sanctuary and their loyal team of volunteers who make it all possible. Now he is able to live alongside the 500 other happy cows, calves, and bulls who were rescued as well and call the sanctuary home. It’s a happy ending that he, and others like him, deserve.

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