A Nurse Wraps A Blanket Around This Newborn Baby. THIS Is Something Every Parent Should See!

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Everyone knows that newborns are one of life’s most joyful miracles. The cute, adorable, tiny little babies that are new to the world are quite fragile and need a lot of tender love and care. When parents bring home a baby for the first time they are often faced with many new challenges and hurdles in all areas of their lives.

One of the biggest hurdles is learning how to take care of the baby properly. Everything you do with a child has to be done with care and their health and safety in mind. The way a baby is held, the way they sleep, how, when, and what they eat all need to be carefully considered and kept track of.

Many books, companies, and individuals offer advice and classes or programs that teach new parents and those expecting how to take care of a baby. While those can be helpful and offer some insight into what to expect, in terms of a newborn you can only truly learn by doing.

When it comes down to it, hands on care and trial and error are all part of the newborn baby experience and it’s the best way to figure out what works best for you and your baby.¬†One of the most difficult areas that parents often bring up is the babies sleep patterns.

Whether it is that the child has problems falling asleep, staying asleep, or wakes them up at all hours, there seems to always be something at issue in this area. One way in which parents can help a newborn get better sleep is by swaddling them. Swaddling is when you wrap up a baby snugly and comfortably in a cozy, warm baby blanket or two.

Doing this makes the baby feel like it’s back in its mother’s womb, all safe and secure, and thus helps them feel more at ease. A baby that is comfortable and at ease is much more likely to be able to fall asleep, stay asleep, and sleep better all around. And so will you.

The accompanying video shows you how to double swaddle a baby and includes how to make a hoodie for them as well. The more covered the better, especially the head area. You will need two baby blankets for this technique and watch the video to best see how all of the folds and wrapping are done.

It’s easy to mimic and after a few tries you’ll have it down pat, like a baby wrapping pro. Also, there are some key things you want to avoid when swaddling a baby. Do not wrap the child too tightly.

According to babycenter.com this can sometimes lead to hip dysplasia and to avoid the problem always make sure the bottom of the blanket is wrapped loosely enough so that the baby has room to wiggle around. You should always monitor any swaddled babies to make sure they don’t roll onto their stomach, which could lead to suffocation.

As a general rule, always place a baby on its back to sleep and keep a close eye on them just in case they happen to roll over.

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