A Dog Crosses This Woman’s Path At Night. What The Dashcam Caught Nobody Expected!

Dogs are known as one the smartest animals on the planet.  They can be trained to do just about anything, especially under the care of a great trainer/human.  Dogs can sit, fetch, run, speak and all sorts of other neat tricks under the right conditions.  But the dog in this video has taken his tricks to a whole new level..

It was a normal night, as a woman was riding down a dark road in Russia.  A figure darts out from the woods in front of her car before she can even react to it.  She gets out of her car believing that she ran over the poor animal.  She goes over to inspect it, and realizes it is a dog.  Before she can even get her bearings, the dog leaps up from ‘playing possum’, runs towards her open car door, jumps in the front seat and steal the unsuspecting woman’s car ride from under her nose!

As he drives off, he even tries to change the music on the radio! The dog set the whole thing up and will now be taking this Subaru for a wild ride! I wonder where he drove off to? Maybe doggy Disney World or to the pet store to buy unlimited treats and hang out with all his doggy friends!  Enjoy! 🙂

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