Old Lady Confronts 4 Kids Who Snuck Onto Her Lawn Then Realizes Why and Can’t Hold Back The Tears!

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Neighborhoods all over America are filled with good hard working people who have families to take care of and jobs to go to all week. Sometimes, between taking care of the kids and getting a project done before a deadline at work, it becomes easy to let the little things slide.

For instance, many homes across the country have front or back lawns or both. If you live in an area with it doesn’t rain enough and is prone to droughts the grass can turn brown unsightly and an eyesore to the surrounding neighbors.

On the other hand if you live in a place where it rains a lot, your lawn can become overgrown and have a very unkempt and rather ugly look. Again this will also not be visually appealing to the surrounding neighbors and couldn’t even decrease their property values.

There have been reports of neighbors aggressively walking by and asking people with unkempt lawns if their lawn mower was broken or if they needed to borrow one. Sometimes in the most extreme cases, very aggressive neighbors have been seen mowing a neighbors lawn in the middle of the night not with good intentions!

This is where Home Owners Associations (HOA) or Bylaws come into play. Home owners in neighborhoods want a certain level standard and upkeep of all the surround property and homes. If somebody is letting their grass die or let it overgrow HOA’s and/or Bylaws can intervene.

This brings us to today’s story. It features a 75-year old woman named Gerry Suttle from the town of Rissel, Texas. ¬†Gerry was mailed a summons to come to court about a lot of land she owned across from home.

The lot was in violation of the city ordinances and standards because the grass had grown weigh too high. Her court date came and went and there was no sign of Gerry. She just failed to show up for her court date.

Then an actual warrant was put out for this sweet old lady’s arrest and if she didn’t turn herself in, she risked getting taken from her house in handcuffs and put into a cop car and then placed in jail cell!

The entire time Gerry stuck to her story explaining that the letter never came to her and she did not receive it! This whole situation was quickly snowballing and getting completely out of hand.

One morning she woke up, looked out her window, and saw 4 brothers mowing her lawn! She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes thinking maybe she was dreaming this? Could this really be happening? She went outside and asked the 4 kids what they were doing?

They explained they saw her story on the television, they knew they had the equipment and the manpower so they decided to take matters into their own hands and clean up Gerry’s lot. She was a complete strange to these boys but they felt such empathy for her and couldn’t stand the thought of this sweet old lady going to jail.

As in many small towns, word tends to travel fast about these four strange brothers doing such an amazing thing for a person they didn’t even know. As the news spread Gerry’s neighbors heard that these youngsters were using push mowers and realized these guys were going to needs some help!

Soon neighbors began flocking to the lot to help the four brothers. Within 2 hours the lot was done and it was the most beautiful plot of grass in the whole neighborhood!

But this isn’t where the story ends…

Watch the video below for the full story:

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