This Older Sister Has 3 Little Brothers That Are Dying. So She Does THIS to Try and Save Their Lives

Three brothers, John, Will and Matthew were diagnosed with a rare cancer of the lymphatic system. They were all under the age of six when they became symptomatic with Burkitt’s Lymphoma.  Although the disease doesn’t normally run in families, all three boys tested positive for a genetic immune disorder called XLP.

Their mother, Christy Jenkins, had to face the possibility of losing her three young sons if someone compatible to donate their bone marrow was not found.  She asked everyone she knew, who were willing, to be tested for a potential bone marrow match.

Their older sister, Julia, who was quite young herself turned out to be a perfect match for John and Matthew, but not for Will.  He received bone marrow from a stranger.  Julia was admitted to the hospital to have bone marrow scraped from her hip to be transplanted in hopes of saving her young brothers’ lives.

Today Julia is thirteen and has little memory of her first donation.  When  subsequent bone marrow was needed she had no hesitation in helping.  She is proud to have played such a major role in saving her brothers’ lives.  Now, after three years, all three brothers are happy and healthy active boys.

Their disease appears to be completely cured, and they only require daily shots to boost their b-cell counts.  Watch this inspirational video and hear their big sis, whom they will be forever indebted to, reflect on what has transpired.  She says, “It’s like a good feeling, because they’re alive because of you.”  Enjoy this video of this truly life-affirming story.

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