This ‘Optical Illusion’ Cake Is Breaking The Internet. Watch The Unexpected Surprise When It Starts To Spin!

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Everybody loves cake, right?  Right!  We have all heard the expression “Presentation is everything”, and that saying definitely pertains to the incredible creation you are about to view in the video below.  I love watching cooking shows that involve baking with such talent, that the final result ends up looking like a piece of art that you hesitate to eat, because of it’s beauty.

In the case of this optical illusion cake, that Ayarel has come up with, it is not only totally delicious, but she has ingeniously created a mind-blowing way for the cake to change colors!  Using  two different techniques, she illustrates how this illusion can be done, even by those of us less talented than she is.

The tutorial begins with an iced cake, upon which Ayarel creates a swirling pattern of ridges with an “icing comb”.  With an airbrush she shows us how to apply different colors at certain angles, so that that each color only hits one side of the ridges she has made.

She goes through the steps slowly, so that if you are an adventurous baker you can give it a try, and the end of the tutorial is a sped up version.  The secret to the illusion will be revealed, and the result is mesmerizing!

Watch the video below and enjoy:

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